• RevengeOfTheNerds aka George is a contestant and the Winner of Chat Survivor 1: Borneo, and was the runner-up of Chat Survivor 4.
  • George was notable for being the first Winner in Chat Survivor history, and is known for having a final two pact with every member in both final four alliances in his seasons, although this was not known to the other contestants.
  • Because his prowess at immunity challenges and his obliviousness to Luke's plan to oust DB, many began to call him the “Kelly” of the game, referring to Kelly Wigglesworth. He was perceived to be the outsider of the alliance who was only staying in via his immunities, although this was far from the truth.
  • On the second time, he was known to be a strategic player, and was widely considered to have won the season. However, although Monkey had voted for him the first time, he could not bear to vote for the individual who had voted him out in the final 3, and thus chose to vote for Jino as revenge. 

Chat Survivor 1: BorneoEdit

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Chat Survivor 4Edit

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George is the first and only winner to receive no votes, as every person George targeted voted for DB, including Luke's final immunity vote. This left RevengeOfTheNerds and LukePrower going in to Final Tribal Coucil with zero votes each.

In both of his seasons, every person he voted for went home in that tribal council.