Survivor: Borneo

Season 1
Genre Reality competition
Runner Up Koror
Winner Gavin
No. of episodes 6
No. of days 16
No. of castaways 8
Tribes Pagong
Season Run April 4, 2015
Opening Sequence
Coming soon
Previous Season N/A
Next Season Matt's Chat Survivor: The Australian Outback

Survivor: Borneo is the first season of Matt's Chat Survivor!

14 days, 8 people, 1 SURVIVOR!

Twists Edit

  • Schoolyard PIck For Tribes
  • Double Vote

​Season SummaryEdit

Once the eight castaways arrived to the chat, Matt announced that the first two people to say 'I' would become a team leader. These team leaders would pick the first members of their tribe. Daniel said 'I' first, and chose Pagong as his tribe, leaving Kden on Tagi. After the schoolyard pick was over, the tribes were....

Pagong-Daniel, Gavin, Koror and Meghan

Tagi-Kden, Mike, Purry and Tommy

The tribes competed in their first challenge called 'Four Letters'. While Purry and Kden were able to score 2 points for Tagi, they weren't able to win as Gavin and Meghan scored 4 points for Pagong. Because Mike and Tommy didn't participate in the first challenge, their heads were on the chopping block. In the end, Mike was sent home over Tommy after a 2-2; 2-0 vote. Tommy was in danger for the first vote, but after Tagi lost the second challenge, Tommy became the swing vote between Kden and Purry. Tommy decided that Kden would be more valuable, and sent Purry packing in a 2-1 vote.

Tommy and Kden were down in numbers 4-2, but were happy once they learned that the tribes were being switched. Daniel and Meghan stayed on Pagong, with Kden joining them, and Tommy stayed on Tagi, with Gavin and Koror joining him. Kden and Tommy tried to keep themselves safe by really working in the challenge, but only Tommy became successfull by winning the challenge for Tagi, sending Pagong to tribal council. At tribal council, the two original Pagong members stuck together, and voted off Kden, as he was not with them originally, leaving Tommy as the only original Tagi member in the game. 

The five remaining castaways were surprised as Matt told them to drop their buffs for a merge. The merge was celebrated by a Survivor Auction. Gavin bought the first covered item for $180, but was dissappointed when he received a grass salad. Tommy took a gamble, when he spent all of his money on a bottle, but it was worth it when it was revealed that the bottle contained a message saying that Tommy would be able to cast two votes for one person at the next tribal council. Meghan and Daniel also took gambles on covered items, but it was not their lucky day, as they received an ass salad and a blank note. Koror was the only one who hadn't spent any money yet, but bought the last item of the auction for $500, which was the first individual immunity. Gavin and Koror found themselves in a powerful position as they were the swing votes. They had choose between their original Pagong members Daniel and Meghan or their new Tagi member Tommy. They decided to go with their switched tribe, and blindsided Daniel in a 4-2 vote. After Koror won the next immunity challenge, himself and Gavin decided to make a big move and flip on their ally Tommy. However, when Tommy found out, he made a final two deal with Meghan in order to ensure his safety, which caused the vote too tie, 2-2. However, Meghan decided to flip on the revote, and Tommy became the 2nd member of the jury. In the final immunity challenge, Gavin barely beat Koror and Meghan, but was able to win. Because of Koror's loyalty, Gavin decided that it was only right to take Koror to the finals with him, and sent Meghan packing. At the final tribal council, Tommy had planned to vote for Gavin, but changed her vote to Koror once Gavin decided not to do what he wanted. However, Tommy's vote didn't matter as Daniel and Meghan voted for Gavin for his social and strategic game, and Gavin became the sole survivor by a vote of 2-1.


Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Votes
70px-Mike1 Sliemy1
Tagi 1st Voted Out
Day 3
70px-Purry1 AmazingPurry
Tagi 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
70px-Kden1 Kuzuri
Tagi Pagong 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
70px-Daniel1 DanielABC
Pagong Pagong Rattana 4th Voted Out
Day 12
1st Jury Member
70px-Tommy1 KuT
Tagi Tagi 5th Voted Out
Day 14
2nd Jury Member
70px-Meghan1 Mewghan
Pagong Pagong 6th Voted Out
Day 15
3rd Jury Member
70px-Koror1 KororFan
Pagong Tagi Runner Up
Day 16
70px-Gavin1 GoldAce153
Pagong Tagi Sole Survivor
Day 16

The GameEdit

# Immunity Eliminated Vote Finish
1 Pagong Mike 2-2;
1st Voted Out
Day 3
2 Pagong Purry 2-1 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
3 Tagi Kden 2-1 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
4 Koror Daniel 4-2 4th Voted Out
Day 12
1st Jury Member
5 Koror Tommy 2-2;
5th Voted Out
Day 14
2nd Jury Member
Finale Gavin Meghan 1-0 6th Voted Out
Day 15
3rd Jury Member
Jury Vote Koror 2-1 Runner Up
Day 16
Gavin Sole Survivor
Day 16

Voting Chart Edit