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This is a wiki where you can host official Chat Survivors! Once you play, you will be invited to the Chat Survivor Facebook group where you will be notified of any future games!

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Wiki News

  • We're reviving this thing!

What is Chat Survivor?

Chat Survivor is an online game created by Brian Long, that is played through the chat feature on many different wikia pages. It is based off of the reality show Survivor. The first ever Chat Survivor was held in Survivor Wiki's chat feature. The games are faster than any ORG. Usually, the amount of contestants depends on who wants to play and who doesn't. These Chat Survivors are well known by many wikia users. 

Upcoming Seasons/Sign-Ups

There are currently no upcoming seasons of ChatSurvivor.

Chat Survivor Wiki Rules

  • 1. Anyone can host a season whenever they feel like it. Make sure you follow the other rules.
  • 2. A season must have at least 6 players. The maximum number of players is unlimited.
  • 3. If a season has more than 3 quits, it will be deleted from the wiki.
  • 4. Be nice to everyone. Chat Survivor is game where everyone should have fun and enjoy the game,
  • 5. Have fun!


Should ChatSurvivor be revived?

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