Survivor: Guatemala

Season 38
Genre Reality competition
Winner TBA
No. of episodes TBA
No. of days TBA
No. of castaways TBA
Tribes TBA
Filming Location Laguna Yaxhá, Guatemala
Season Run TBA
Opening Sequence
Coming soon
Previous season Chat Survivor 37
Next season Chat Survivor 39

Survivor: Guatemala, also known as Survivor: Guatemala- The Talismans of Power, is the first Chat Survivor installment in LúdicoManao's series, and the thirty-eighth overall season.


The season was announced on January 23, 2014.


  • LúdicoManao


  • HII-Idols will be in  play this season to add more drama and action.
  • Talismans of Power- Along with idols, these talismans hold special powers and are hard to be found. Along the powers of these talismans include:
    •  The Resitancé Talisman-Gives you the power to get an instant  advantage at the challenge for either your tribe or yourself. Only good to the Final 5.
    •  The Môins Talisman- Allows you negate a player's vote(can be used by yourself to negate a self-vote) and that vote will not count at said tribal council. Only good to the Final 6.
    • The Insecto Talisman-Allows you to negate ONE vote cast against you in tribal council. Only good to the Final 5.
  • The Temple Joust-A twist similar to Redemption Island, where voted out contestants will battle to stay alive in the game. Each joust winner will decide to give the clue to the hidden immunity idol or to one of the talismans to any person still in game. The re-entry points are at the Final 6 and the Final 4.
  • Fair Game-Castaways are not allowed to spam or rage on the chat for non-personal or personal reasons. Any castaway who tries to do so will be disqualified and reported.


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