Chat Survivor 34: Hawaii is the second season in SoaringSpirits' series, and thirty forth season overall.

Survivor: Hawaii


Season 34
Genre Reality competition
Winner LudicoManao
No. of episodes 8
No. of days 24
No. of castaways 8
Tribes Lanai
Filming Location Hawaii
Season Run January 23rd, 2013
Opening Sequence
Coming soon
Previous season Chat Survivor 33: Honduras
Next season Chat Survivor 35: Mexico - Winners


The season was announced on January 18th, 2014. The sign-ups then quickly followed, and gathered some interest.


  • SoaringSpirits (Liam)


  • Masked Idols - Four idols were given out due to winning challenges and the riddles. They all had different effects on the tribals, without the survivors knowing, assuming they were all immunity idols
  • Exile Island - Exile was included in the game when the tribes number was uneven, but didn't last long due to the merge being the next episode.


Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish
NateNJOut NateNJ14
Guadelupe 1st Voted Off
Day 3
ThatEpicOut That Epic
Guadelupe 2nd Voted Off
Day 6
Mike Out Sliemy1
Lanai Lanai 3rd Voted Off
Day 9
Koror Out KororFan
Lanai Lanai Ohana 4th Voted Off
Day 12
1st Jury Member
SnowOut Snowgirl57
Guadelupe Gaudelupe 5th Voted Off
Day 15
2nd Jury Member
TikkiOut Tikkibikki
Guadelupe Lanai 6th Voted Off
Day 18
3rd Jury Member
S10 Emma BW XxXMidget In A BikiniXxX
Lanai Guadelupe 7th Voted Off
Day 21
4th Jury Member
NLKSamOut Nightlock Kryptonite
Lanai Exile Runner Up
Day 24
Nuno LudicoManao
Lanai Guadelupe Sole Survivor.
Day 24