Survivor: Olympus, is the fourth Chat Survivor installment in KororFan's series, and the thirty-second overall season.

Survivor: Olympus

Season 32
Genre Reality competition
Winner User:Malakal101
No. of episodes 9
No. of days 25
No. of castaways 12
Tribes Athens
Filming Location Mount Olympus, Greece
Season Run January 20, 2014
Opening Sequence
Coming soon
Previous season Chat Survivor 31: Jeju Island
Next season Chat Survivor 33: Honduras


The season was announced on January 5, 2014. Sign-ups were posted and many people joined quickly.


  • KororFan


  • Heroes vs. Villains- 6 Heroic Castaways vs. 6 Castaways People played agaisnt eachother based on past season gameplay.
  • Apollo Island- A twist similar to Redemption Island. Two contestants will fight on Apollo Island every episode. The loser will go home, and the winner stays in the game. The winner will also get a prize for winning, and may choose to give it to someone in the game, or keep it for themself. The winner may only have three items at a time. This will last until the merge, and then Final 3.
  • First Impressions- Contestants had to vote off 1 person from their team on Day 1. The vote offs went to Apollo Island.
  • No Escape- Players are not allowed to quit at all. They may quit for personal reasons, but if they are found out to have lied, they will recieve a small ban from the wiki.


Contestant Original Tribe Swapped Tribe Merged Tribe Apollo Island Finish Votes
Edgar Out TheMartianManHunter14
Sparta Lost Duel 1
Day 2
2nd Voted Off
Day 1
Nano Prower512
Sparta Lost Duel 2
Day 4
3rd Voted Off
Day 3
LukeOut LukePrower
Sparta Quit
Day 5
Orange Out MunchlaxMeister
Sparta Sparta Lost Duel 3
Day 7
4th Voted Off
Day 6
Syzmon Out Moonsik
Sparta Athens Lost Duel 4
Day 10
5th Voted Off
Day 9
Jfk Luckyyy
Athens Athens Zeus Lost Duel 5
Day 16
6th Voted Off
Day 12
1st Jury Member
Zanna Out ZannaBanna
Sparta Sparta Lost Duel 6
Day 19
7th Voted Off
Day 15
2nd Jury Member
Nuno Out LudicoManao
Athens Sparta 9th Voted Off
Day 21
3rd Jury Member
Liam Out SoaringSpirits
Athens Athens 10th Voted Off
Day 24
4th Jury Member
Perry Out Thatsmyidol
Athens Athens 2nd Returnee
Day 19
8th Voted Off
Day 18
Runner Up
Day 25
Summer Out Sunsummer7
Athens 1st Returnee
Day 10
1st Voted Off
Day 18
Runner Up
Day 25
Lily3 Manga Malakal101
Athens Sparta Sole Survivor
Day 25


# Title Airdate Immunity Eliminated Vote Finish
1 "Heroes vs. Villains" January 20, 2014 None Summer 4-2 1st Voted Off
Day 1
Edgar 4-2 2nd Voted Off
Day 1
2 "Ships are Sinking" January 20, 2014 Athens Nano 4-1 3rd Voted Off
Day 3
3 "A Change of Fate" January 20, 2014 Athens Luke No Vote Quit
Day 5
Orange 4-0 4th Voted Off
Day 6
4 "The Knockback" January 20, 2014 Sparta Syzmon 4-0 5th Voted Off
Day 9
5 "The Gods Join" January 20, 2014 ??? Lucky 4-3 6th Voted Off
Day 12
6 "The Destroyed Tribe" January 1, 2014 ??? Zanna 6-1 7th Voted Off
Day 15
6 "Thank the Chocolate Idol!" January 1, 2014 Drew Lily 2-2-0
Day 18
7 "True Colors Revealed" January 1, 2014 Lucky Edgar 3-1 5th Voted Off
Day 21
8 "The Tables Have Turned" January 1, 2014 Drew Lucky 1-0 6th Voted Off
Day 24
9 "Reunion" January 1, 2014 Jury Vote Nuno 3-2 Runner Up
Drew Sole Survivor


  • This season features the wiki's first brown tribe.
  • This season is the first season to feature the Heroes vs. Villains twist.
  • This is the first season to be filmed in the European Region.
  • This is the first season of KororFan's series to not feature the contestant Survivorfan13.
  • This season is the first of KororFan's series to have a female winner.