Survivor: Loss Islands, is the eighteenth installment of the Chat Survivor series.

Survivor: Loss Islands

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Season 18
Genre Reality competition
Winner Lucky
No. of episodes 5
No. of days 21
No. of castaways 6
Tribes Drąsa
Filming Location Shiburu, Loss Islands
Season Run December 30, 2013
Opening Sequence
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Previous season Chat Survivor 17: Haiti
Next season Chat Survivor 19: Fiji
Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish
Kim Garbė Quit
Day 3
Nano Garbė Quit
Day 6
TDI Garbė Sexy 1st Voted Out
Day 9
Liam Drąsa Sexy 2nd Runner-Up
Day 12
Koror Drąsa Sexy Runner-up
Day 15
Lucky Drąsa Sexy Winner
Day 21